Carpark Stories
— Book launch at exhibition at The Spray Room Gallery, Adelaide. 

The Spray Room is excited to host ‘Carpark Stories’ - An exhibition and launch of Thomas Ling’s first photo book. ‘Carpark Stories’ is a 74-page photo book that is the result of three years of photographing across Australia. It has been self-published in collaboration with The Spray Room.

“A zoo of the anthropomorphic variety, there is nothing quite as diverse as a car park. A means to an end and a launch pad to adventure, a commune of the beginning and end. A home of eager souls ready to face the world. We all know of the exploits between parking our cars and driving off again, but we rarely give any credit to the tarmac that allows these journeys to take place, the open-air temple of adventure that is the car park.

Whether we know it or not, the beginning of the best journeys in life takes place as we step out of our vehicles and onto the tarmac, gravel or dirt. It is a place of discussion, planning and mystery as we prepare ourselves to face the fruits of our imagination. 

The creatures of car parks are rarely without intention, so many carry the look of ambition and desire in their eyes. A feeling of unease and restlessness often permeates the surrounds carried by the miasma of heated pavement and car exhausts. Tall tales of perfect rides, giant fish and unwanted encounters, an almost religious mysticism. 

A mysticism captured by Thomas, a car park priest who carries an analogue camera in place of a Bible, capturing the moments of culture and awe, painting his own symbolic story. The book of car parks.”

- Foreword by Mickey Mason

Thomas Ling is a practicing photographer, artist, and educator. He has exhibited his personal work locally and abroad, including most recently at Yeah Nice Gallery (Byron Bay) and Goodspace Gallery (Sydney). Working with young people as a health and wellbeing teacher, and a design and photography educator, he finds his skills and passion intersect in the classroom, inspiring and collaborating with future generations of artists and photographers.

Available via The Spray Room and Summertown Studio 

Self Published in collaboration with
The Spray Room, Adelaide, South Australia.

Photographs and design © Thomas Ling 2022
Foreword by Mickey Mason
Reproduction of any parts without permission prohibited

ISBN: 978-0-646-86080-0

All photographs between 2019-22
First Edition

300gsm recycled uncoated bond