"2019 was a whirlwind year. Work pressures coupled with new ventures and side hustles left me feeling torched as the festive season and all its baggage approached. Transitioning from school to uni, to overseas travel then back to full time work, January has always been a time to reconnect with a more enjoyable reality and more a subdued headspace - not unlike the majority of other young Australians who aren't slaving in hospitality or retail gig's in tourist towns during the summer time.

The photographs in this series are somewhat of a travelogue or a visual journal, they span across 4000ish km's and 4 states. I read Jack Kerouac's On The Road again over summer, he sums up the feeling best - "I was surprised, as 
always, by how easy the act of leaving was, and how good it felt. The world was suddenly rich with possibility." It's ironic and a shame that such a life as his is difficult, almost incomprehensible by today’s standards. I guess these photo's are a now distant memory of trying to tap into that emotion, even if only for a month."